Installing Skype in Ubuntu Feisty Fawn

August 28, 2007

(if you have Ubuntu 6 – Edgy Eft see my other post)

Really really straightforward!

just go to the skype download page (here)


  1. Look for the Ubuntu logo and hit “Feisty Fawn” to start downloading
  2. Once the download is finished you’ll find the skype-debian_1.4.0.99-1_i386.deb (that’s how it’s currently called, it may change name) on your desktop or wherever your download files go.


  3. Open the downloaded package, then the Package Installer will do the rest.


Installing Skype in Ubuntu Edgy Eft

May 2, 2007

When I had Ubuntu up and running I was quite anxious to play with the new OS and customize it with my favorite apps. Some apps I was able to install via Add/Remove Applications (Azureus, Amule, VLC) quite easily, other apps I had to understand how Synaptic worked and read through the Ubuntu wikis.

The first app I wanted to install was Skype and here I describe how I did it hoping it comes handy to other beginners like me.

Installing Skype through Repository:

  1. Go to: System>Administration>Synaptic Package Manager
  2. desktop-to-repository.jpg

    You will be asked for your system password, then a Synaptic Package Manager window will come up.
    This window shows the so called repositories which control the installation process and get the application packets from the Internet into the OS.

  3. From the Synaptic Pagake Manager window click Settings>Repositories.
  4. From the new window Software Sources select the Third Party tab and click Add.
  5. finestra-3rd-party.jpg

  6. Paste the following into the APT Line field:
  7. deb stable non-free

    then click OK and OK again until you get back to the Synaptic Package Manager.

  8. Click Reload to refresh the repositories
  9. Search and Mark for installation the packet Skype, click on apply and keep going until the application is completely installed
  10. If all went right you will find Skype from the menu Applications>Internet
  11. That’s all!